Our flagship Precision Audio Monitor (PAM) series is the leading confidence monitoring tool. PAM supports stereo, multichannel, multi-language and surround sound environments via a sophisticated, intuitive control interface. It also comes in an IP-version, designed to smooth the transition to an all IP-based workflow.


Master Control Room: Fast and efficient confidence monitoring of incoming or outgoing audio for phase, level, loudness and integrity of Dolby bitstreams. Dolby E CRC error count, line position and metadata parameters available at a glance.

Ingest: PAM provides support to ingest operators testing for incoming audio compliance monitoring and channel mapping. Audio phase, level and loudness can all be easily monitored and Dolby encoded bitstreams checked for errors and correct metadata parameters. OB Production: PAM is designed to provide flexible and efficient support in an OB scanner for monitoring feeds to ensure they meet the correct channel assignment.

The PAM-IP range is a modular platform which can be specified to meet your exact needs. Available in both 1U and 2U form factors, it has two base variants, HD (3G) or UHD(12G), which can then be configured to suit your requirements:

  • Video over IP (S2022-6/ S2022-7, S2110)
  • Audio over IP (Dante/AES67)
  • Dolby decoding