I/O Boxes IDS SQuid

IDS SQuid is a 19” (1RU) unit that provides versatile I/O expansion options. It has 32 opto-isolated inputs and 32 isolated relay outputs which can be configured individually using IDS Core. It comes with dual-redundant hot-plug PSUs, Ethernet and LTC/Alarm connections and provides the perfect resilient link between your IDS system and the outside world.

    • GPIO connectivity, control and monitoring anywhere over your IDS network
    • 32 opto-isolated inputs
    • 32 isolated relay closures
    • Dual hot-swap redundant PSU’s
    • Can act as an NTP server when supplied with a balanced SMPTE time code
    • Self monitoring
    • Construction: 1.8 Aluminium
    • Dimensions: H 44 x D 305 x W 483 mm
    • Weight: 2kg
    • Connectors: 2 x 240 V AC power
    • Power Supply: 110 - 240V AC
    • Power Consumption: 8W typical
    • Operating Temperature: 0°C to +50°C
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When we started designing our newest OB truck, we were looking for the smallest form audio monitoring unit we could find, that would be flexible and easy to use for our VT operators, and the new MPA1 Solo SDI was just the ticket.

Paul Fournier, Head of Audio at NEP UK