VTR/DDR Control ST-300

The ST300-T Slow motion Controller is designed for demanding, fast action sports broadcasts, providing fast, simple, precise control of four VTR’s/DDR’s. Its highly personalized control features provide operators the speed and simplicity necessary for fast, accurate replays.
This controller offers a mechanical detented jog/shuttle wheel for easy control and also features a T-bar for fast, simple, and smooth slow motion instant replay.

      • Control up to 4 VTR’s/DDR’s, individually or ganged
      • Slow-motion instant replay with T-bar or mechanical detented wheel
      • Quickly & easily mark and recall cue points on the fly
      • 100 cue points per playback channel, which are retained when power is off
      • Time display and jog/shuffle wheel
      • Optional PBUS production switcher interface
      • Powerful setup menu for personalized control features: configure the ST300 Slow Motion Controller for the way you work.
      • Select Wheel slowmo speed range, automatic Mark Cue advance, save last used slowmo speed, enable/disable Freeze at Record Out and more.
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    • Form: Desktop
    • 4 x RS422 (VTR/DDR Interfaces)
    • 1 x Control Wheel
    • 1 x T-Bar
    • LCD Display
    • GPI: 8 (Play ,Stop, Rec, Rewind, Fast Foreward, Slow mo, Still, 2 Spare)
    • GPO: 8 (Play ,Stop, Rec, Rewind, Fast Foreward, Slow mo, Still, 2 Spare)
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TSL Products’ commitment to supporting emerging IP standards such as AES-67, SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 gave us the confidence we needed in the PAM2-IP to provide the audio monitoring we required at RTL City. Additionally, knowing that we could deploy the PAM2-IP in our new all-IP infrastructure without being forced to change our operational workflows was fundamental to our purchase decision.

Costas Colombus, Director of Technology projects and Support at BCE.