COMING SOON TallyMan Redundancy Package

Offering a seamless experience for broadcasters seeking reliable and consistent system operations, TallyMan Redundancy Package adds protection from unforeseen events and provides hot-failover for uninterrupted performance during times of maintenance.

    • Virtual IP addresses to allow for communication across the redundant system using shared virtual IP addresses to create a single point of contact for all system and 3rd party devices.
    • Auto-failover from Primary to Backup system controllers with manual return to primary state.
    • Configurations and live updates auto synced across primary and backup system controllers.
    • Dedicated Redundancy control panel (TMRP), gives real-time status and redundancy management from a local or remote location.
    • Manual control over redundancy activity allowing for easy maintenance and support from the TMRP.
      • Weight: 3Kg
      • Height: 44mm (1RU)
      • Width: 483mm
      • Depth: 230mm
      • Power Consumption: 60W
      • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
      • 4 x RS422 ports
      • TallyMan software included
      • Solid state memory
      • 64 user configurable GPIO (freely configurable as inputs or outputs per pin)
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