Full Support for SMPTE 2110 Networks

The PAM IP is the only device in the world capable of monitoring uncompressed audio and video for SMPTE 2022-6 and 2110 networks.

But we haven't reinvented the wheel.

Regardless of technical advances made across the industry, customers require products that can support and improve new and existing workflows and so we continues to design products and solutions that support both traditional SDI and IP infrastructures, all whilst mitigating any complexities operators may face in light of the IP transition.

IP Comes As Standard
We remain committed to open standards. The PAM-IP retains all the traditional I/O so that video, audio and its associated metadata can be monitored from either a traditional SDI source, S2022-6 or 2110 IP stream. This makes it ideally suited to a hybrid environment where SDI, AES and analogue exists alongside IP-based infrastructure, future-proofing your investment and allowing you to transition to IP at a pace that includes you.

The unit remains familiar for operators to use. The PAM-IP lives up to its PAM name and offers all the familiar functionality found on the flagship range - loudness measurement, accurate fully configurable metering and multi-channel monitoring as standard and Dolby decoding available as an optional extra. Plus monitor any of the inputs available on your PAM-IP by simply switching presets.


Go beyond audio monitoring

The PAM-IP is designed to not only remove the complexities of working within ST-2110 networks but also offers features and functions that go far beyond those expected from a typical audio monitoring unit:

  • Packet Counters - help diagnose potential issues in your network by maintaining confidence that your 2110 sources are being received.

  • PTP Status - includes MAC addresses that can be viewed directly from the front panel to assist with network troubleshooting.

  • Sender Agnostic - to receive flows from wide, narrow and narrow linear senders, providing complete flexibility.




  • Essence Presets - store and recall favourite ST-2110 sources easily from the front panel.

  • Dante & SDI support - so that ST-2110 can be monitored alongside other signal types. 

  • Out-Put Routing - allowing ST-2110 sources to be routed to dedicated SDI outputs

  • Manual Failover - switch to a back-up network with a single button push


MPA1 Dante monitors are now AES-67 compliant

Specifically designed for use where operators need to create a custom mix from a DANTE stream. With powerful user features accessible via the web UI, the MPA MIX Dante is simple to use and flexible enough to meet specific and demanding workflow requirements.

The MPA1 Dante confidence monitoring series now include support of AES-67 (and thereby further support for Ravenna and Hydra2 networks). AES-67 defines the IP audio transport layer in SMPTE 2110.

MPA1 SOLO DANTE Product Specs >>               
MPA1 MIX DANTE Product Specs >>


Tech Insights: The Business Case for IP

The transition to IP technology may be the most talked about topic on the tech side of the television industry. But that does not mean it makes sense for all organizations. As you consider starting a transition to IP, ask why you want to go with it. What benefit are you expecting? Once you understand that, stay focused on it, and don’t get distracted. The benefits of IP vary widely.

The level of benefit an organization receives will depend on their business goals: Some organizations will find no significant improvement because after you add in the overhead and cost of conversion, the differentials can be small. Imagine these scenarios:

Where To Buy

“The TSL PAM2 MK2 gives us the power to monitor loudness for compliance with new broadcast standards, accurately meter audio for many sources and provide phase information. We are very pleased with the performance of the PAM2 MK2 units.”

Mr. Chu Cun, Head of Technical Operations at Beijing TV