Powerful Tools for Studio Production

A typical Broadcast TV production workflow often demands that operators have the ability to hear audio from and control a diverse sources such as routers, VTR/Servers, Talent, and communications.

The infrastructure may be SDI, IP or hybrid, and the format of incoming audio signals may vary considerably from SDI embedded to AES and analogue with channel configurations in surround sound, stereo, mono, with multiple languages, clean FX channels and multiple programme mixes further complicating the situation.

When signals vary dynamically during production, or setups alter completely from show to show, programme makers need audio monitoring which can adapt and is simple to use.

Meanwhile, user customised Advanced Broadcast Control in all areas of the facility can offer a modular approach for critical data sharing via Virtual Panels which communicate directly with any controller in a system.

Virtual control of regional locations is possible via Touch screen control to form critical functions; adjust lighting, control camera position, pan, tilt and zoom, automatically route talkback and production sounds to ear and send videos and graphics to in-vision monitors.