A Unique Production Environment

There are few sectors of the production industry as technically demanding, and few environments as highly pressured, as outside broadcasting (OB), with the demand to cover programmes comprehensively, creatively and to the highest quality standards.

In this fast-paced environment, it is essential that broadcasters have reliable, flexible tools that fit seamlessly in to their operations and offer ease of use and familiarity as personnel shift and move between productions, tools that will:

  • Support the full variety of challenges that OB’s face on a day-to-day basis.
  • Offer critical quality control throughout the whole production process.
  • Allow OBs to deliver the best audio and video quality for their customers and viewers.

When tasked with the production of a signature event, every step of the process must be planned carefully, and every piece of gear must be thoroughly evaluated. From the camera operators to the audio engineers, everyone needs to be working in harmony yet independently, with everyone being in total control of the technology they are responsible for.

When operators sit down at the beginning of a live event, it is important for them to remain focused on the job at hand. As truck builds become more and more sophisticated, being right on the front line, it is essential that OB’s have the confidence in their audio feeds. By offering the right tools, TSL can help make the process even smoother.

Managing Multiple Standards

A demanding production, recorded in multiple formats, with differing audio configurations, feeding multiple networks, demands audio monitoring to accommodate different formats and standards, which is why audio monitors must address their requirements in even the most crowded production environments.


All Mobile Video

The combination of interface types, ease of use and the differing workflows demands the most comprehensive and flexible audio monitoring range for use in all environments. When production staff, many of whom may be freelance, prepare for a show or event, they often have little time to invest in familiarising or re-training themselves with the equipment they are expected to work with. In addition, not all customers wish to visualise, measure or control their audio in the same way, so the ability to visualise, measure and control an audio monitor based on the task at hand is becoming more important than ever before.


With an audio platform designed to allow for different levels of interaction, control and working preference, production staff are free to focus on the task at hand. From the simplest of operational modes, offering no audio level metering or measurement, to the most detailed of operational modes for the most demanding audio engineer.


Engineers and Operators working in demanding environments need comprehensive tools that will allow them to do their job.

Outside broadcasts and RF trucks typically need to manage multiple audio signals at once, presenting engineers with the challenge of having to ensure audio is present, correct and to specification, that Dolby audio sources are being encoded correctly, can be decoded correctly and that loudness compliance is being met.

Engineers and Operators already familiar with TSL’s PAM range of audio monitors can now monitor uncompressed ST-2022-6 and ST-2110 IP sources without having to re-train or understand IP networks.

The PAM-IP range retains the same front panel user interface and feature set from the PAM, complete with the following functionality, even when working with ST-2022-6 and ST-2110 uncompressed IP sources:

  • Video Confidence monitoring of ST-2022-6, ST- 2110 uncompressed IP and 3G/HD/SD-SDI sources directly on the front panel.
  • Comprehensive Loudness Monitoring, complete with Histogram display.
  • Full monitoring (including Metadata) of Dolby encoded sources.

  • PAM-IP - As well as the ability to subscribe to both audio and video essences, the PAM-IP also provides ‘in-band,’ ‘out of band’ and manual control methods for managing flow subscriptions.
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NEP US Story
  • When TSL introduced its new MPA1 V Series audio monitor, designed to directly address the needs of those in live production, NEP was the first to realise the benefits and place its order.
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SAM-Q Platform
  • Determine how you wish to control and visualise your audio content based on application, environment or simply personal preference.
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