TSL Shifts R&D Focus During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As more and more broadcast stations are operating in a work-from-home environment amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, TSL Products has altered its R&D roadmap for the short term, in response to specific customer requirements centred around remote control of broadcast facilities.

“Following the acquisition of DNF one year ago, we’ve been heavily investing in both the Flex and TallyMan platforms,” says Davies. “With many TSL customers working remotely, rather than in-studio, we recently added a feature called Web Keys to the Flex system for some of our USP control panels, which allows users to control major hub and spoke installations across the United States from home. We’re currently testing prototypes in the lab and aim to roll out these capabilities to the networks that requested them. This was something we didn’t have on our road map and have put in place in reaction to the circumstances in which we currently face.”

Our range of self-contained control panels and interfaces can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with third-party systems to quickly and cost-effectively give operators the control they need over the devices they use.

  • IP Control Buddy and USP3 - powerful yet compact systems that control any GPI/O-, Serial- and IP-enabled device to perform simple ‘on/off’-style actions or trigger complex salvos.
  • AnyWhere Interface Box - allows users to interface systems and achieve that key bit of functionality they require without performing any programming.
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Flex Control Network moves to Linux

Flex Control Network moves to Linux

This moves adds sustainable benefits and the addition of the virtualised GTP-V1 product, offering greater flexibility and increased rack density for more advanced installations, ease of management and life cycle.

  • Lower power consumption and heat generation (46%), we are becoming ever more aware of efficiency savings of both power and cooling, but also the greater effects of energy consumption for a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Virtualise GTP works as a virtual machine on existing hardware so can run with most cloud solutions. Having the choice allows the customer to invest where they want / need.
A Focus on the Flex Control Network

A Focus on the Flex Control Network

MOS Playout and Newsroom integration
  • As part of the Flex Network the MOS system can also provide control of switchers, graphics systems and routers for secondary events.
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Playout Control System
  • A automatically control multiple machines synchronously with the touch of a button & concentrate on the production rather than the technology.
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Hub and Spoke control for networks
  • Support network growth, ageing systems and workflow gaps or interruptions to local programming and breaking news.
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Geographically Distributed Master Control

  • Increase the resilience of network operations with Anything-to-Anything device control.
  • Modernise and expand its technical facilities irregardless of the underlying technical build or kit.
  • Triggers to cue and activate assorted devices.
  • Manually triggering live event commercial breaks from any location.
  • Help on-air directors transition into and out of a commercial break with greater accuracy.
  • Help disparate subsystems communicate and maintain a seamless workflow
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TallyMan now features a range of new protocols, allowing customers to continue to interface and integrate their systems while retaining the freedom to choose best of breed.

  • Sony NS-BUS (Router) - Significant advancements to support large matrices
  • Sony XVS (Switcher) - Added interface for this Switcher model
  • Sony MVS-X (Switcher) - Added support for IP connection
  • For-A HVS (Switcher) - Added support for IP connection
  • Harmonic Spectrum X (Media Server) - Oxtel interface for monitoring on air status
  • TSL UMD V5 Receiver - Receives external TSL UMD V5 data
  • Ross Carbonite Black (Switcher) - Added interface for this Switcher model
  • Ross Carbonite Ultra (Switcher) - Added interface for this Switcher model
  • Adder AIM (KVM) – Added interface for this KVM
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