Sky Network Services


Sky Network Services (SNS) is the core of Sky's broadband business focusing on delivering the highest quality broadband and telephony network, enabling Sky to offer the best broadband and voice products in the market. SNS operates the second largest next generation Cisco CRS-1 based IP network outside the US. 

SNS runs a 78,000 sq. ft. critical data centre facility in London. The power available to supply the building is limited whilst the business is growing and demanding more from a scarce resource. The power is distributed throughout the building by a series of 3-phase Power Distribution Units (PDU) which feed the individual circuits, which, in turn, feed the racks of equipment. Whilst each PDU is fitted with a meter, NS lacked any suitable tools for automated monitoring and relied on daily manual checks. In an environment as dynamic as SNS and with the critical nature of the services it supports, this method of operation was too risky, too error prone and too costly. 

Having tried in vain to work with its BMS (Building Management System) vendor to find a solution, SNS turned to AdInfa. "Going down the BMS route meant high cost and high complexity, leaving us with a point solution and limited options for adapting future needs," says Danny Sisupalan, M&E Operations Manager. 


After seeing demonstrations of InSite and discussing the way that InSite dashboards could be used to visualise information feeds, SNS was able to specify its requirements: automated monitoring of PDU meters, real-time display of critical meter data on dashboards and web-based reporting of key metrics and trends.

The data centre has 26 PDU panel meters which needed to be monitored 24x7 for parameters such as per phase volts, amps, kVA, kW, kWh and Power Factor. Furthermore, thresholds were to be set which, if breached, would trigger automated alerts via email and SMS text messages. InSite was installed on a server and configured by AdInfa to monitor the PDU meters using SNMP. The primary dashbaord is based on an electrical schematic that SNS had and brings it to life by displaying live values. 


Investing in InSite has made good business sense for SNS. The benefits  are reduced downtime risk, better power management and increased efficiency. 

According to Danny, "We used to monitor everything manually. This was stressful because inevitably mistakes could sometimes be made by this method; it was also very inefficient. Now we have an automated system that we can rely on. InSite work, giving us the information we need, when we need it and displayed in a way we like."