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TSL’s TallyMan excels in advanced tally and signal routing, ensuring seamless workflows in broadcast environments. The TallyMan range features easy-to-use hardware and software panels, including Virtual Panels with intuitive, customizable interfaces and real-time status updates for enhanced efficiency.

Suitable for any setup, TallyMan TM1-Tally and TM1-MK3+ appliances offer comprehensive GPIO, serial, and ethernet connections, alongside redundant power options, ensuring flexibility for all broadcast requirements.

  • Powerful Control Engine: Boost efficiency, reduce production costs, and manage facilities effectively with reduced complexity.
  • Third Party Integration: Vendor-agnostic integration for enhanced interoperability and connecting with third-party systems.
  • Intuitive Control Interfaces: Customisable interfaces to streamline workflows and enhance flexibility.
  • User Configurable: Own your solution with simplified system configuration, allowing your facility to adapt to whatever content you need to deliver.


The TM Virtual Panel is an incredibly powerful addition to the TallyMan control system. The fully customisable user interface brings signal flow management and monitoring and device management to users in an intuitive control surface, enhancing operational workflow to bring flexibility to outside broadcast and transmission facilities throughout the world.

  • Fully customisable interface for the end user's requirement
  • Operator interaction with key functions of broadcast equipment
  • Reduced learning curve and the risk of accidental errors than when using the full manufacturer provided interfaces
  • Compatible with every TallyMan installation, new and existing
  • Signal flow management – Control of video and audio routers, including internal routers of audio consoles and vision switchers
  • Virtual patching – remove the time consuming patching in dynamic installs such as outside broadcast vehicles, TallyMan contains a fully fledged GPI router with presets
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Simply and efficiently configure broadcast trucks, whilst sharing and managing resources between your systems to save time, space and money.

  • Camera assign – Assign camera names to CCUs effortlessly
  • Tally management – Complete scalable tally solution across multiple OB trucks
  • VTR Control - manage VTRs with single or ganged control, from basic transport control to cue points, slow-motion control and two-machine cuts editing
  • Facility Expansion - Maximise up-time and manage variable demand by simply docking trucks to larger broadcast facilities seamlessly as needed. Delegate control and information while minimising setup time
  • Video/audio routing – Routing control over video and audio routers. Single cross point, associated sources, and salvos
  • InterTruckability - Quickly and simply interact to share all device information, managing names, control and tally across systems. Signal patching is reduced as tielines become dynamic, naming problems are eliminated and logic patching is performed virtually


Remotely controlled devices and systems across multiple locations will save on cost and keep staff working efficiently.

  • Studio Preset Management (Save/Recall) – Save and recall complete studio configurations including camera `positions/parameters, lighting scenes, routing tables and more
  • Studio Delegation – Assign studios to PCRs with associated routing, tally and control following assignment
  • Video Routing (confidence monitoring, branding) – Routing and naming control, single cross-point, associated sources, and salvos for studio presets
  • Tally Management - Complete scalable tally solution across multiple routers, switchers, cameras and multiviewers
  • Audio Control (Mic gain, IFB, routing) – Control over audio routing and channel controls for remote control, studio preset set/recall and back-up control
  • PTZ Camera Control – Complete control over PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras for granular control, preset set/recall and tally control
  • Lighting Control – Set and recall scenes of a lighting mixer and adjust levels via hardware or virtual control panels
  • VoIP Control (Dial/Make/End call) – Use virtual panels to dial, make and end VoIP calls.

TallyMan Redundancy Package

The TallyMan Redundancy Package provides a full dual redundant control system in a single package with dual system controllers and automatic failover utilising Virtual IPs for seamless switching.

The TallyMan Control System is an all-in-1 control system and Includes all of the functionality and Interfaces required to build a complete control solution and remove complexity during system specification.

  • Virtual IP addresses to allow for communication across the redundant system using shared virtual IP addresses to create a single point of contact for all system and 3rd party devices
  • Configurations and live updates auto synced across primary and backup system controllers
  • Dedicated Redundancy control panel (TMRP), gives real-time status and redundancy management from a local or remote location
  • Manual control over redundancy activity allowing for easy maintenance and support from the TMRP
  • Add dual redundant capability to an existing TallyMan control system
  • Adds Automatic failover and Virtual IP interfaces for seamless switching
  • Matching pair of TM1-MK3+ system controllers required

TM1 Mk3+

TallyMan sits at the heart of any broadcast system, coordinating critical broadcast infrastructure components and with protocol agnostic integration, provides operators with a common platform to universally control equipment from different vendors including routers, multiviewers, vision mixers, audio consoles, robotic cameras, intercom systems, media servers, automation systems and more.

TallyMan System Controller is easy to deploy, reducing costs and providing customers with the flexibility to maintain complete ownership of their environment.

  • 1 RU unit
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Four RS422 ports
  • TallyMan software included
  • Solid state memory
  • 64 user configurable GPIO (freely configurable per pin)
  • 32 Isolated Relay Ouputs
  • Dual redundant hot swappable PSUs
  • Auto-failover Redundancy system (optional)
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Renowned for its rock-solid reliability and usability, more than 2,000 customers rely on TSL TallyMan products to streamline control of routers, multiviewers, vision mixers, audio consoles, robotic cameras, intercom systems, media servers, automation systems, and more, vastly simplifying operations and minimizing mistakes. The newest addition, TM1-Tally, provides a low cost of entry to TSL’s professional advanced control product family in a space-saving form factor that is well-suited for OB truck environments and crowded broadcast facilities.

  • A full-fledged tally system that is vendor-agnostic for basic to medium tally systems.
  • Expandable from six devices to 12, the TM1-Tally accommodates more devices as requirements change.
  • Route tally and media as well as perform other control functions such as protocol translation, device control, and system macros.
  • Control challenges in smaller systems or fly-packs can be addressed and easily reconfigured as production demands change.
  • Compatible with TSL hardware and virtual control panels.
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Have a question about the TallyMan Control System?

Have a question about the TallyMan Control System?