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At just 100mm deep, the MPA1-MADI is specifically designed for use where operators need confidence monitoring of a MADI stream. With powerful user features accessible via the web UI, the MPA1-MADI is simple to use and flexible enough to meet specific and demanding workflow requirements.

  • High quality audio monitoring of 64 MADI audio channels.
  • Audio level meter display of up to 8 audio pairs.
  • Built in web server allows remote configuration, control and monitoring over an Ethernet network.
  • High quality internal loudspeaker system
  • SNMP control allows for tight integration with TSL Tallyman and 3rd Party Control Systems
  • Free software updates

Technical Specs
  • 1 x Coaxial MADI Input (with loop through connection)
  • 1 x Optical MADI Input
  • 1 x Balanced Analogue Output Pair
  • 1 x ¼ inch Headphone Output
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet control and monitoring port

  • Fast and intuitive stereo monitor mixing of up to 8 MADI Sources
  • Quick store and recall of up to 16 monitor mixes
  • Source Label and Monitor Mix Label display
View the MPA1 Mix MADI

  • Fast and intuitive scroll to listen operation of any chosen audio pair.
  • ‘Zoom View’ of any audio pair including Audio Phase Metering
  • Source Label Display
View the MPA1 Solo MADI



SAM-Q-SDI - MADI, when you need it

SAM-Q-SDI - MADI, when you need it

With no extra hardware required, SAM-Q-SDI customers can purchase 1 or 2 optional MADI Input license options at any time providing monitoring and mixing of up to 128 MADI channels.

  • Configured specifically to address the needs of different applications, skillets and workflows.
  • Engineers and supervisors can restrict sources, modes and front panel functions to streamline operation and reduce user error.
  • A feature set that can change with your requirements, including optional MADI support or Loudness Monitoring.

  • Meter Modes - A traditional audio meter mode, displaying 16 Audio Level Meters view with single and multiple audio channel selection.
  • Video Modes - 16 Audio Level Meters with single and multiple channel selection complete with video confidence display.
  • Mix Mode - A graphical representation showing the relative mix levels of up to 16 channels of audio, complete with Mix channel selection.
  • Names Mode - Displays the source names of 8 audio pairs, with audio presence displays, complete with multiple channel monitoring selection.
  • Phase Metering Mode - allows one audio source to be selected, monitored and checked for audio phase & displays 16 Audio Level Meters + 1 Phase Meter.

  • Permissions - Audio monitoring sources and functions can be included/excluded based on your Application, Skillset or Workflow.
  • Preference - View, select and measure audio using your preferred mode of operation.
  • Protection - Protect your SAM-Q configuration using a PIN code.
  • Potential - With optional licenses, the feature set of your SAM-Q can grow over time.
View the SAM-Q SDI

  • MADI License - customers will be able to Mix, Monitor and Measure up to 128 MADI sources on the SAM-Q-SDI.
  • Loudness Monitoring Mode - 8 independent loudness probes, providing Short-Term, Momentary and Loudness Monitoring.
Find out more about Loudness



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Have a question about the MADI Audio Monitoring Range?

Have a question about the MADI Audio Monitoring Range?