Power Management Solutions

Systems managers are increasingly faced with guaranteed up-time targets across diversely located equipment facilities. In today’s cost-conscious and environmentally sensitive world, they may now also be required both to streamline maintenance and support teams, and to minimise energy consumption.

These challenges call for a comprehensive solution that – working remotely over wide or local area networks – can provide both monitoring and control of systems, and effective power management. Intelligent Power Distribution Units from TSL Products provide just such system management and power distribution capabilities. Intelligent, intuitive and already well proven in the global market, TSL’s PDU enable systems managers to monitor and control all rack-mounted equipment anywhere in the world and to manage power requirements while reducing overall costs.

TSL Products’ PDU are the result of the long experience in the field of TSL’s System Integration business, which over 30 years has established an enviable reputation with numerous prestigious installations worldwide


  • Equipment fuse status
  • Power consumption by outlet
  • Rack equipment GPIs
  • Rack temperature
  • Rack input voltage
  • Total power consumption
  • Power source, main or backup

Comprehensive Information

  • Email and SMS alerts for system failures
    or in case any pre-set variable is breached
  • Real-time status information
    Industry standard SNMP alarm protocol

Multiple Remote Actions

  • Re-boot individual equipment, rack, or
    complete facility
  • Alert local maintenance, accurately describing
    fault and rack position
  • React to equipment failure by re-routing
  • Manage and track energy consumption
  • React to power outage
  • Centrally power down facility for out of
    hours working
  • Configure PMUs