Flex Control Network Overview

Flex is a distributed network made of powerful device nodes including networked control processors, button panels, interface devices and versatile software to create tailored control workflows for any environment.

Flex complements and expands your existing control platforms such as Evertz Magnum, Lawo VSM, EVS Cerebrum or any other platform.


Key Functionality Includes

  • Automation with manual overrides
  • Anything to anything (machine control routing)
  • Dynamic ad insertion (SCTE)
  • Facility control
  • Protocol translation
  • SNMP/monitoring
  • ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 / ST 2022-7 media flow control
  • Server/clip control (DDR control)
  • Control interfaces (hardware panels)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Graphics management
  • Scheduled actions and secondary events
  • Tally (UMD, Camera delegation)

The Business of Flex

Flex Control Network provides a complete control and connectivity infrastructure that:

  • Integrates with existing equipment, protecting equipment investments
  • Incorporates new equipment and technological advances to streamline processes and increase efficiencies, minimizing expenses and increasing profitability
  • Maintains tried and proven existing workflows and integrates new workflows that support time-accurate delivery of quality product, maximizing staff productivity and training efficiency
  • Improves system reliability, supports system expansion, and simplifies system maintenance while minimizing short-term and long-term cost of ownership
  • Fits your application and budget
  • Gives you peace of mind − no more custom boxes, hand-built relay systems, one-off kludged solutions, or custom software
  • Flex Control Network can be designed and configured for your specific needs.

Production Control
  • Reliable control over video and graphic playout devices or MOS driven playout.
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Playout Center, NOC & Master Control
  • Flex supports automation playout and backup, emergency bypass control for primary and backup on-air signals.
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Remote Production Control
  • Roll late breaking news to air using resources at a remote facility, share resources, saving time and money.
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Control Your Whole Facility From Anywhere

Manage any device via RS232, RS422, GPI/O, SNMP, UDP, TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, VPN, and Internet. Because you can control all your equipment from the same room, between floors, across campus buildings, or around the world, Flex links geographically separated facilities and connects countries

This exclusive point-to-point and shared control structure permits easy redistribution of your broadcast, production, or automation workload for staffing flexibility. Operators and supervisors can manage the same device, and quickly and easily change control locations for one-time, special, and remote events.

Flex Control Network is deployed at leading broadcasters and production facilities around the world, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, HBO, CNN, TURNER, ESPN, Fox News, MLB Cable, TV GLOBO, RAI, NBC Olympics, and more.


The GTP Processor drives the interfaces between the control system and existing newsroom systems, offering shared control between positions and facilities. The GTP-32 allows you to set up secondary events and triggers that can be configured to make your systems even more powerful.


More from the GTP Range

  • Virtual & Cloud-based Control
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  • IP Integration with Network Control
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  • Facility Transition with IP & Serial control
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