GTP-32 Control Processor offers enhanced functionality and operator-focused features to the popular television automation system

Northridge, Calif. (August XX, 2016): DNF Controls – the award-winning and recognized leader in Human-to-Machine and Machine-to-Machine interfaces, announced the release of an edition of the company’s popular GTP-32 Control Processor specifically designed to expand the functionality and operation of Snell Advanced Media’s (SAM) Morpheus automation platform.


“Morpheus is a powerful, full-featured automation environment,” acknowledged Dan Fogel, chief technical officer of DNF Controls, “we’ve extended its reach to accommodate the ever-increasing range of broadcast devices; also, some asked-for features to help the human operator intervene when unexpected situations affect the on-air schedule.”


Ian Young, Product Manager, Playout and Delivery at SAM said, “Morpheus excels at playout automation where live operator interaction with a playlist is needed. We are excited to be further enhancing this capability by placing DNF’s control panels at our operator’s fingertips.”


Among the expanded capabilities offered by DNF’s GTP-32 Control Processor are remote triggering of Morpheus to execute predefined actions; control over virtually any broadcast device on-command from Morpheus; manual override when necessary, without giving the operator access to the actual automation client; Ethernet connectivity to simplify wiring and extend the range to controlled devices; and the ability to map standard triggers from Morpheus to various GTP-32 actions and devices.


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