The SAM-Q platform has been designed to provide multiple operational modes and behaviours, allowing newly developed operational modes to be added at any time. The latest release includes the brand-new audio phase metering mode included as standard, plus additional functions that can be purchased separately and installed as a licenses.

    • All the features of the SAM-Q plus ability to buy new Loudness and MADI licenses
    • Log and monitor Loudness data over an Ethernet network.
    • Up to 8 independent loudness probes.
    • Monitor loudness from a mono source right up to a 9.1+4 program configuration.
    • Enables one or both BNC inputs to be switched to and from SDI and MADI with ease.
    • Up to 128 MADI channels available.
    • SAM-Q Edit - Allows all aspects of the SAM-Q to be configured remotely within an ‘off-line’ application.
    • New Loudness Modes (requires optional license, SAM-Q-LOUD-LIC)
    • Support for MADI sources (require optional license, SAM-Q-MADI)
    • Loudness data reporting (requires SAM-Q-LOUD-LIC and InfluxDB)
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TSL’s commitment to supporting emerging IP standards such as AES-67, SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2110 gave us the confidence we needed in the PAM2-IP to provide the audio monitoring we required at RTL City. Additionally, knowing that we could deploy the PAM2-IP in our new all-IP infrastructure without being forced to change our operational workflows was fundamental to our purchase decision.

Costas Colombus, Director of Technology projects and Support at BCE.