Product Highlights for 2020

With so many changes occurring in the industry, there is a responsibility on technology providers to ensure that broadcasters and media owners are armed with the latest knowledge and tools that will make their lives easier. By keeping our ear to the ground and working alongside our customers, TSL continues to design products and solutions that empower our customers, allowing them to take ownership of their systems and benefit from extended life-time value. 

  • SAM-Q-SDI - MADI and Loudness licenses now available. Simply purchase and add to your existing SAM-Q.
  • SAM-Q-Edit - configure, manage and monitor networked SAM-Q audio monitors remotely.
  • NEW MPA1 V-Range - developed to specifically address the challenges of live production, available with SDI, DANTE, MADI and AES and Analogue input formats.
  • PAM-IP integration of third party control systems using 'In-Band' or 'Out of Band' control protocols such as Ember+, NMOS IS-04/05 or TSL's own RESTful API.
  • Updates to the Flex Control Network, Powered by DNF Controls - including the newly released virtualised GTP-V1
  • TallyMan Control panels and protocols - for improved quality integration.

Audio Monitoring
  • New licenses for the SAM-Q Platform
  • Meet the New MPA1-Mix-V Range
  • Go beyond audio monitoring with the PAM-IP
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Advanced Control Systems
  • TSL and DNF one year on
  • Panel updates to support remote production
  • New TallyMan protocols
  • FlashBoard Technical Display System
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Power, Monitor, Alarm and Report
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Software.
  • Intelligent Power Units.
  • Vertical Power Distribution.
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Quick Demos

Quick Demos

Take a quick tour of our product range with our Quick Demos. and Applications

  • Introduction to the PAM-IP, SAM and FlashBoard Technical Display.
  • Find out more about the PAM-IP integration KPIs.
  • Learn how the MPA1 range can be controls by Universal Panels using SNMP.
  • Watch our Demo of Remote Production using TallyMan.
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