Audio Monitoring Product Highlights

In keeping up with the demands of ever-changing broadcast requirements, we have made several updates to our audio monitoring offerings.

SAM-Q Platform

SAM-Q Platform

The SAM-Q platform allows newly developed operational modes to be added at any time, including the brand-new audio phase metering mode and loudness monitoring modes, which provides both operational simplicity and deep audio analysis simultaneously

  • Three new loudness modes providing short-term, momentary and integrated loudness values over an Ethernet network.
  • With up to eight independent loudness probes and the ability to calculate loudness values from a variety of program configurations from mono through to 9.1+4.
  • SAM-Q-EDIT allows SAM-Q-SDI owners to create, modify and edit their SAM-Q-SDI configurations using a PC.

New and existing SAM-Q-SDI customers can now also purchase MADI monitoring license options at any time

  • Allowing one or both SDI inputs to be switched to and from MADI sources with ease.
  • With up to 128 channels available and eight optional loudness probes, the SAM-Q-SDI becomes a powerful workhorse as well as a rackmount audio monitor.
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Meet the MPA1-Mix-V

Meet the MPA1-Mix-V

Based on the already successful MPA1-MIX series of audio monitors, the new MPA1-MIX-V range has been developed to specifically address the challenges of live production and maximise both operational and engineering efficiency.

  • SDI, DANTE, MADI, AES and Analogue input formats catered for.
  • Includes SNMP control capabilities found on all MPA1 audio monitors.
  • Built in web server allows remote configuration, control and monitoring over an Ethernet network.


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Updates to the PAM-IP

Go Beyond Audio Monitoring

The PAM-IP remains the only ST-2022-6 and ST-2110 audio monitor in the world to provide status monitoring.  Customers can diagnose and troubleshoot system issues and achieve confidence when PAM-IP subscriptions are being manged by an external control system.

The PAM-IP now supports three methods of subscription management, allowing ST-2022-6 and/or ST-2110 multicast subscriptions to be managed externally, using TSL TallyMan or suitable third-party control system:

‘In-Band’ Control allows a suitable control system to manage ST-2110 subscriptions using either Ember+, NMOS IS-04/05 or the Embrionix RESTful API, whilst ST-2022-6 subscriptions can be managed using Ember+ or the Embrionix RESTful API.

  • ‘Out of Band’ control allows a suitable control system to manage ST-2110 or ST-2022-6 subscriptions by way of the TSL Audio RESTful API.
  • Preset Control allows for the creation and recall of locally stored Presets, allowing the PAM1-IP and PAM2-IP to manage multicast subscriptions, independent of any external control system.

Remote monitoring webpage - see system health information such as software/hardware version information, temperatures and fan speeds as well as diagnostic information such as PTP lock status, IP packet counters and multicast addresses and port numbers of the essences currently being subscribed to.

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